Is it true that you, not once, not twice, but 3 times called my Client a HO?

Christmas has come and gone. So has New Years eve. Along with these fabulous Holidays come New Year’s Resolutions and the fond recollections from the year that has ended. Enjoy these pictures of my year!

SA Idols: The most exciting thing I’ve done since I finished my Drama Honours. Filled with amazing memories and people:) 10 points!

Seeing Tyronasaurus Rex! Who is obviously having trouble adjusting to the time change. Welcome home TJ!

Kite Flying! I have a more bad-ass 2 string kite now but no photo’s just yet.

Discovering things one has kept for years and having a good laugh!

Getting my awesome new Epiphone Guitar!

Learning that Xylitol, while being a fabulous alternative sugar, when used in large quantities (like, for instance, baking a “healthy” birthday cake containing no sugar or wheat for my health-conscious brother) has an almost instant laxative effect

Going to things with friends and catching them in funny poses!

Meeting extraordinary people who do extraordinary things out of the goodness of their hearts, something that seems to happen less and less these days.

Doing stuff with my mom, because she’s just plain awesome!

Knowing friends who have pants that are the exact same shade of redReceiving amazing gifts from my friends and family that just prove how well they know me and hoping that my gifts to them brought them to the same conclusions

And, at the end of the day/year, knowing that my peeps have got my back, but will nonetheless kill me for calling them my peeps:) Because even MY friends have standards!

Happy New Year world and may it bring everything you hope for and more!