The “Tank” Song

The song here accompanies the previous post on taking over the world. It was written with great love and care one night sometime last year at Cliffy’s Pub in Lincoln Meade, Pietermaritzburg by my lovely friend Charl Landsberg and myself. We were under no influences other than a possible sugar rush at the time. Thank you Charl for documenting this event and e-mailing it to me:)

It even has chords for those of you who wish to attempt the foolish task of playing it.

If I only had a Tank – by Charl Landsberg and Erin Fourie

(To the tune of If I only had a brain from The Wizard of Oz)

G                                     Em

We could take over the land and it would be so grand


And invade first Nash-nal Bank

C                                                  D

We could swear Kaballah’s honour and be just like Madonna


If we only had a tank

We could open up a drive through for poetry and Haiku

To educate the ranks

To offer education to our growing little nation

If we only had a tank

C                                   G

Oh they would have to pay

Am         D            G

While they’re shaking in their boots

Am                                          Em

Run over anyone who tries to shoot

C                             D

And then we’ll wave and give a hoot

Feed you coffee, keep you wired, being happy is required

No matter how life stank

We’ll be into meditation and some sexual recreation

If we only had a tank

[Last coda : rendered rudely as

“Meditation, Medication and some casual masturbation / If we only had a tank]