First post in a new blog.

So, this is my first post in wordpress. I may cheat and copy my old posts from myspace, just so they’re all in one place…

I have these weird spasms sometimes...

This is My face

Anyway, this is really just to say Hi, keep watching this space, I’m figuring it out (I’m not very technologically advanced so bear with me) and I promise you won’t be toooo disappointed…I hope.

For the sake of not fooling you into believing I’m something that I’m not here is what you can expect from this blog:

  1. A lot of lists. I Love making lists, especially with bullet points…
  2. Random spurts of out of nowhere-ness simply because I’m not very diligent about being up-to-date (although, be warned, I will do my very best to be better this time)
  3. A Good deal of swearing
  4. A fair bit of ranting about the various states of things
  5. Other Stuff too
So that’s me! Have a zippidy doo dah day!!! (lol)

It does coffee

I haven't found a bigger one yet