Burglaries and Frivolities

There are no pictures in this post. Would you like to know why?

Last Sunday my house was burgled.

While I was out late and my family was asleep inside the house, burglars climbed through my open window – squeezing through the burglar bars – and unlocked my patio door with the keys on my desk. Since everyone was asleep and my lights were on their entry went undetected until I arrived home at 3:30 am and found things around the house just a little…odd.

There were cupboard doors open and a drawer or two, but nothing was screaming “bloody stinking thieves”. At first I thought someone had left things out of place to remind themselves of certain things. My dad leaves drawers open if he’s moved my mom’s stuff so that she’ll see where they’ve gone to. So I walked slowly through the house, carefully, feeling a bit more odd with every step.

Then I got to my room.

My laptop was gone off of my desk, there was stuff all over my bed.

I think that I have lived with this kind of shit for far too long because I reacted far more calmly than I think I should have. I went to my parents room, knocked politely and said in hushed tones: “I’m sorry to wake you guys buuuuut…I think we might have just been robbed…”

I couldn’t see in the dark but I’m pretty sure my mom gave my dad one hell of a hard shove to wake him up.

It seems that my coming home at 3:30 in the morning disturbed the burglars in the middle of their affairs. My room got the worst of it as they took my Laptop, my Samsung video camera (one of my Idols prizes:( ), my Mp3 player, my pillow case (we assume to put their stash in), a bag (again for stash), my Shure sm58 Microphone which was inside the bag, the TV from the lounge and the Microwave from the kitchen. They also took my favourite blanket which was later found draped over the fence.

The estimate was about R20 000 worth of stuff taken.

However, I am a fairly clever sausage because I backed up my laptop on New Years Eve so information-wise I lost about 3 weeks worth of photo’s and some other random stuff.

So why are there no pictures in this post? Because I lost all my recent pictures AND I can’t even draw new ones yet because my old laptop does not support my drawing tablet.

Here is a list of things I miss about my old laptop:

  1. It supported all file extensions/hardware/software/codecs that I needed
  2. It had a battery life. A short one, but at least I could move it from one plug point to the next.
  3. It had a webcam. I never used it but it was nice to know it was there.
  4. It had 300GB’s to save useless stuff on. This one only has 55 and most of it is just running windows. 55GB’s doesn’t even hold all of my music
  5. It took less than a second to open a new tab in Chrome
  6. It could run Sims 3
  7. It still had its rubber feet on the base

At the same time, I am almost enjoying the limitations that my dear old Laptop provides me with. It’s like the modern version of taking it slow – because there is no other option.

Okay I lied, I drew you a picture with paint and my mouse

And yes, I named my laptop. Her brand was Dell. Right now I’m using Betsy who is a Fujitsu Siemens.

I know I sound terribly materialistic and shallow because all I can talk about is my laptop, but I’m still dealing with the reality and right now the shallow is just easier.

Here is a list of how many times in my adult life I have been robbed/burgled:

(When I was a kid I think we were burgled twice)

  1. Cell Phone Stolen from next to me while I was asleep as someone stuck their arm through the window over my head
  2. Bag Stolen from room at the restaurant I was living in/working at
  3. Cold room broken into while asleep at restaurant
  4. Bathroom of room broken into  while asleep at restaurant
  5. Attempted stealing of car from Mall

There are only so many times that you can be broken into/robbed before you simply don’t know how to process it any more.

So here is another paint drawing! This one is of my sword which has a special place next to my bed:)

So I think I have bored you for long enough. Can you believe that I was going to write a blog about Tintin in 3D before this? Ha!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Just to put your minds at ease, everyone in the house was fine and that is what I am most grateful for. They weren’t even aware of what had happened.

Here’s a gif that my friend Charl sent me to cheer me up. It is from the film Despicable Me and it is awesome

Right, thanks for putting up with my grumpiness. I hope you have a crime free day!