New Year, New Gear

I don’t know why I called this post that.

It rhymed. So sue me.

Please don’t.


It is that time of year again!!! The New one! Who doesn’t like reflecting on all the shit they did and all the other stuff they didn’t get to!? I know I do! I love feeling inadequate at the start of a new venture, it helps me remember that the mediocrity of my actions leads to the mediocrity of my life! Now, before anyone starts losing their heads and thinking “Don’t be like that! The world is your oyster! All you have to do is believe!” and stuff like that, I want to say: I know.

That is why I say this. That. The thing I said. The New Radicals had it right when they said “You only get what you give”.

You get out what you put in. Life is like a savings account, just with a higher risk of death.

So essentially, this should really be what New Years Resolutions are about (in my opinion), charting your goals that will lead to you getting the maximum interest rate out of life. What are you investing in this year? Remember, just because you don’t get it straight away doesn’t mean it’s not worth working towards.canvas11c-w800h800z1-46224-forget-skinny-im-training-to-be-a-badass


Here are my chart toppers this year:


1: Work hard – whatever you’re doing, DO it

2: Train like a boss – I don’t like the word exercise.  It’s too long. I prefer the word train.

Bad ass3: Take no Shit – Maybe not a priority for everyone but I tend to let things slide (Unless pushed to breaking point) and I’m especially bad with confrontation. I’m a big fan of ignoring problems and hoping they’ll go away. So maybe pro-activity should fall under here too…

4: Be On Time – I’ve become notorious. It has to stop.

5: Dance More – Even if I have to get drunk to do it. I don’t know why I ever stop really…maybe_im_not_so_good_at_dancing_16_photos9

Take the risks, do the things.

So, New year, new beginnings, new chances, new motivation aaaaaaaand…. GO!



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