Learning To Take Pictures (And not just make them up)

This is not a wordy post. I recently came across a very awesome picture blog which you yourself can visit here:



Seeing this awesome array of images led me to find a similar camera effects app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (punt punt punt – and it’s not just because they gave me free stuff, I have always been a fan of Samsung)  and my SS Phone thing. So I found an app called Retrocam which I find just adds an edge to some pictures and as a result I bring you MANY PICTURES!!! The first lot are of one of my favourite books called “The Eleventh Hour”.

Then here we have me having fun with picture taking. Yes, several are the same because I was testing the different camera effects. It’s almost Ironic how we spend years developing technology to reproduce life in HD and then design apps to make our HD photo’s look old and imperfect. Enjoy the pics:)


Until next time!





















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