There are many ways to take on the world. I choose a Tank.

The other night I attended the birthday party of my friend Sita, unfortunately this is not about her. Sorry Sita! This is about an idea I revived at the birthday party whilst mingling with the other guests.

Sita, like myself, is bent on world domination. While Sita has a more aggressive “I shall enslave them all” approach I, long ago, decided to take a more …personal approach. This is how it works:

Step 1:          Borrow money from Dad

Step 2:          Buy a Tank

This is a traditional tank

So now that the financial backing has been acquired and the investment has been invested in, it is time to pay back the debts.

Step 3:          Rob a bank to pay back the loan (because the last thing I want is my dad to come and take my Tank away

because I haven’t settled my debt


Please note that these are not true visual representations. My dad doesn’t dress like this.

He would never show off his midriff in such a provocative manner. Nor do I wear a blue dress…not everyday anyway. It was just the colour in my palette:)  ANYWAY, the next step is where things get really AWESOME!

Step 4:          Customise! (In true Tank Girl style!)

Pimp Yo' Tank!

I cannot take credit for the sundeck and deckchair. I was inspired by the film Tank Girl (rock on!). However I have considered removing the deckchair and replacing it with a giant high heel shoe akin to that in the Aussie film:            Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Don’t forget to name your tank so that it feels like part of the family. I name mine: Tank.

Now that the legwork has been done, the loans repaid and the tank acquired and pimped out it is time to take over the world.
“But how?” I hear you ask. Quite simply:


So what's it going to be? "Yes" or "Splat" ?


2 thoughts on “There are many ways to take on the world. I choose a Tank.

  1. Hahaha Erin. Awesome. That’s the only word for it.

    I would exchange the deckchair with a desk. Then ill use a bit of the money from the bank to buy a laptop and a 3G dongle. That way I can post my tank escapades to Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Oh my gaaaawsh!! You are so funny! A pink tank?? Shit I am jealous. Also, if you get way better at me than writing and blogging I’ll run you over with that effing cool tank. 😉 Nice one sis, you are blerrie mal!

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